Article of the Portal de Economía Solidaria, Spain

Jordi García Jané and Rubèn Surinyach prepared a Guía del Mercado social for the Diputació de Barcelona.

The Social Market (Mercado social) is a stable network of transactions between Social and Solidarity Economy entities (or those close to it), responsible consumers and ethical investor savers that is aimed at satisfying the maximum number of needs, together with common goods and public goods, through relations of exchange, cooperation and solidarity.

The guide we offer you presents the basic conceptual elements of the Mercado Social and connects them not only with the Social and Solidarity Economy, but also with local human development. On the other hand, the document provides a methodological scheme that integrates the production of goods and services, finance and work to deploy social market strategies. In addition, it includes cases of interest – in which a total of 29 are systematized – that can inspire local areas when undertaking initiatives.

Authors : Jordi Garcia Jané, Ruben Suriñach Padilla

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