The representatives from organizations coming from 48 different countries from five continents coming together during the Fair Trade Week, declare the following:

1. – The context of economic crisis, mainly in several countries in Europe and North America, and the intensification of unfair and asymetrical trade relations between countries from the north and the south that are exacerbated by bilateral and regional free trade agreements, affects the viability of the economic and social undertakings of producers and consumers linked to local, regional and global markets.

2. – We recognize that the fair trade and solidarity economy movement has grown and diversified at a global scale. All these initiatives and organizations are committed to work together, respecting the identities of the organizations, and the realities of each territory, to influence and generate synergies that contribute to develop fair, solidarity-based, and sustainable relationships.

3. – In an effort to gain access to markets, fair trade organizations initiatives have been developping diverse initiatives.

to be followed