Article by Andrea Rodríguez Valdés, RIPESS Europe

As the last phase of the Erasmus + Solidarity Tourism project, we have published a guide for young people with several examples of Solidarity Tourism and with an explanation of what we mean by a sustainable tourism practice.

In it we talk about why it is important to change our forms of mobility, what are the alerts that we must take into account when making our trips, avoiding paternalism, volunteering in the Global South that reproduce neocolonial dynamics, but above all, we present different organizations and alternatives to travel responsibly and sustainably putting in value the principles of the Social Solidarity Economy.

We mention Tourism for local development, from the perspective of KOAN, educational tourism, from Grandir Aventure, the inclusive tourism, of Creçasor, the community-based tourism of Use It and
, nature-focused tourism and respect for the environment with Outheretour, and finally, the cultural tourism of Migrant Tour.

So, we start by asking ourselves when you travel, do you contribute to the well-being of local populations? Do you have a sustainable and fair attitude towards the country you visit? Do you respect their cultural integrity, their fauna and flora, their trade, their customs…? Have you ever wondered about the negative effects of your travels? Effects on water, air, cultural heritage, gender equality, rising prices of living and housing for local communities, etc. This guide can be a tool on the impacts of our trips, but above all to explore other possible ways that are not only fairer for the communities we visit and less polluting, but also more enriching for oneself.

Dare to read, visit and share this GUIDE and the WEB of the project to learn more things and do not hesitate to contact us for any suggestion, doubt or comment!