Solidarity Tourism is an Erasmus project that aims to build other forms of mobility, especially, among young people.

In the last decades, European policies managed to increase cohesion among the EU countries, whilst internal asymmetries are more and more evident. Young people are at the very center of the process: overall, their mobility-related choices result in a phenomenon known as “drain brain”, due to the attractivity of urban/metropolitan areas with respect to inner ones in terms of access to services, quality of life and job opportunities.

We aim to re-imagine mobility from a drain-braining escape to an experience of connection and exchange, promoting the value of solidarity as a driver of our actions and fostering the transition from individualism to cooperation. Our proposed solution is Solidarity Tourism (ST), able to merge the experiential attractivity of mobility with the inner responsibility toward our common home, where nobody is nowhere left behind. 



The main objective is to contribute to the creation of synergies and exchange of good practices in the field of youth in order to promote opportunities for youth responsible initiatives in low-density areas.

  • Promotion of EU values, civic engagement and sense of initiative
  • Promotion of the 2030 Agenda
  • Promotion of Youth Active Participation
  • Engage, connect and empower
  • Promotion of opportunities in low-density areas (Cohesion Policy)



ANIMAR Associaçao Portuguesa para o Desenvolvimiento Local

ATES association tourisme equitable solidaire

Società Cooperativa Sociale Nazareth

KOAN Consulting S.L.

RIPESS EU (European Network of Social and Solidarity Economy)