At the World Social Forum in Tunis (26-30 March 2013), RIPESS International, RIPESS Europe, RAESS (Africa Social solidarity Economy Network) and many solidarity economy organizations are sharing their practices and strategies through a series of 10 events involving local groups and international networks such as Via Campesina. See the program here

The first meeting took place on the 27th and was about “The reality of Social and Solidarity Economy in Africa”.

What are the priorities of the economy in a country such as Ivory Coast? “To begin with” says Madi Solo from the Réseau Ivorienne de l’economie social et solidaire (RIESS) “economic initiatives should be supporting social inclusion: it is a matter of values and it is a matter of making economic activities sustainable”.

Along with other representatives of SSE organizations such as ENDA, Madi Solo’s introduction to Ivory Coast efforts to rebuild social bonds along with economic initiative sparked numerous interventions concerning the need for African local and regional organizations to deconstruct both Western economic models and dominant perceptions of African history and role within world relations.

Useful resources are available at:

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