APRES-GE and the Leman local currency participated in the VersusVirus Hackathon with several partners and submitted the project “SmartketPlace : Safe and Short circuits for our goods, services and personal data”

Presentation of SmartketPlace : https://drive.infomaniak.com/app/share/107562/03be1418-f2fd-4847-b531-4984b92e1758

Vimeo : https://vimeo.com/404340971

Here is the result of our team’s work during Versus Virus hackathon. Our first challenge was to integrate a multi-disciplinary and international team of high skilled experts, engaged and sharing the same philosophy of the personal Data and the local market places, both topics challenged by the Covid-19 crisis.  

We didn’t know each other 10 days ago. And we have created in a few days, with our passion and experience, a disruptive project :SmartketPlace: Beyond Amazon and the GAFAM (1)!

Concretely : A sustainable, social and solidarity, personal centric, and generalist marketplace for local communities, replicable « all over the planet », with secure data from the source.

SmartketPlace is an alternative to the large and centralized platforms.

SmartketPlace is opensourced, and will be replicated everywhere, locally.

SmartketPlace manages the entire process of the exchange of goods and services (Order / Pay / Deliver).

The governance of SmartketPlace is based on strong technological architecture :  the articulation of :

  • A. I. semantic models (by DEMS),
  • personal data protocols (by Jlinc),
  • and ledger securization of paiement (by Com’Chain, the Commons blockchain).

The Data Sharing Sphere is created by the Community of users. The Consumers and the SME’s (the community) define the rules governing the market place, that will be automatically interpreted using the same technology (DEMS). The harmonized data definitions will allow the members of the community to grant and revoke access rights to their data, automatically using the Data Sharing Protocol (JLINC), and committing their decision to a secured distributed ledger (Com’chain). The data generated by SmarketPlace will be made available for the community benefits

Who are we ?APRES-GE (Geneva Social and Solidarity Chamber), Monnaie Léman (local currency of the Geneva Lake Region), and BLab Switzerland have been working on a marketplace’s concept for months. They recently met MyData and PersonalData, and decided to take the opportunity of the crisis to build SmartketPlace based on the safety of personal Data. The Department of Economy of State of Geneva  (DGDERI), as well as Fondetec (City of Geneva Foundation), Global Data Exellence, JLINC, and ComChain joined, as experts, and worked together. 

What we achieved in the last 48 hours :

  • Connecting and operationnaly integrating a multi-disciplinary team of experts engaged and sharing the same vision 
  • Integrating model of SmartketPlace governance components
  • Integating model of SmartketPlace functional components
  • Setting-up and Running of the business models
  • Creating  functional and business requirements
  • Creating a prototype mockup
  • Budgeting the Pilote Project

When ? We are ready for the next steps !We now need around 90’000 CHF to finalise the pilot plateform. We aim to propose a MVP within 1 month.

Stay tuned and discover hopefully SmartketPlaces in a few weeks !  We need solutions that adress the data sharing and personal data sovereignty problem and allow transactions in short circuits. Go beyond the GAFAM and let’s rebuild the TRUST together!

By Après-Ge, Switzerland

(1) GAFAM: Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft