Faced with neoliberal policies aimed at increasing financial profit at the expense of global justice, it is important to move forward taking into account the intersections that cross us, overcoming the points that weaken us, uniting us in diversity and becoming a real force for social change capable of giving the necessary response.

In this free online course we will address the issue of Feminist Economics and the care system, in a first module from a more theoretical perspective, understanding how it relates to the Social and Solidarity Economy. And in a second module we will try to share practical tools to review the organizational culture of our organizations and build healthier, feminist and care spaces in our work environments, because the first step is to put all this knowledge into practice.

We invite you to join our course, whose contents have been developed by Reas Red de Redes and Dawn, and share with us your knowledge and ideas so we can take advantage of the collective intelligence!

Access through the following link, register and enroll in the course.