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  • The GSEF 2023 Declaration in Dakar May 6, 2023
    2023 [lire]
  • Advancing the 2030 Agenda through the Social and Solidarity Economy
    Second position paper
    2023 [lire]
  • RIPESS Calls on UN to Promote Social and Solidarity Economy
    Peter Utting
    2013 [lire]
  • For a better knowledge of civil society organisations
    Siri Hummel, Vinzenz Janßen
    White Paper
    2023 [lire]
  • Future opportunities and challenges for the Social and Solidarity Economy
    February 23, 2023 webinar summary
    2023 [lire]
  • WATER FOR ROJAVA 2022 Delegation report
    2023 [lire]
  • « Owned by Oxford » Report: Building Community Wealth from the Ground Up
    2023 [lire]
  • The FOME ZERO (Zero Hunger) Program. The Brazilian experience.
    José Graziano da Silva, Mauro Eduardo Del Grossi, Caio Galvão de França
    2011 [lire]