23 – 31 January 2021

20 YEARS AND 13 EDITIONS OF WSF AFTER the World Social Forum process, with two decades of history and accumulated experience , manifests itself in the middle of a pandemic through a mostly virtual edition with an event in January 2021 giving rise to a  process throughout the year 2021 , Heading to another post-pandemic FSM MX event centered in Mexico.

You are invited to get closer , to become a participant , in personal capacity, or in relation to an entity of which you are part, to build together the event-process 2021

More info and access to the program on https://wsf2021.net

The registration process for the WSF 2021 is now open!

 To participate and have access to all the information of the Virtual WSF 2021 you must:
1. Create your user account on the new platform join.wsf2021.net
2. Fill in some information about yourself (to confirm your registration as a participant of the WSF 2021).

IMPORTANT: If you were already a participant of the World Social Forum of Transformative Economies (WSFTE), you can use your account already created at https://join.transformadora.org, with the same username, email and password.
More information about the WSF by accessing the newsletter.
From the WSFTE will be presented the Agenda of Transformative Economies, which is still in an open process of construction, and until January 10 new proposals can be added.
Finally, we would like to close the year by sharing with you the DIGITAL BOOK that collects the process of the Forum so far, and knowing your assessment of the event WSFTE 2020. Go ahead and fill in this questionnaire
Trusting that Another World is possible, see you at the WSF!
Happy 2021!