On June 17, six European ministers met in Paris to launch an ambitious project within the European Union. Called Scale Me Up, it aims to support the social economy organizations that conduct their activities in at least two European countries.

Technical and educational support to the winners

On June 17, the French Minister Martine Pinville met in Bercy with five of its European counterparts (Luxembourg, Italy, Cyprus, Greece, Slovenia), two Commissioners and representatives of other EU countries. Their meeting was to launch the call for Scale Me Up, an initiative that aims to support structures oriented in the social solidarity economy. According to a source close to the French minister, “the goal is to allow the development of economic and social activities, resulting from cooperation between European actors.” Scale Me Up is designed for organizations engaged in social economy involved in “a project of cooperation, partnership or collaboration with at least one other partner in the Union: enterprise-community-university “. The winners will receive no financial reward. They will benefit of a week of coaching experts on ESS (European institutions, specialized firms).

Sending applications before September 10, 2016

Interested organizations have time until September 10th to submit their applications. The jury will select the winners based on several criteria such as the innovative nature of the project, its impact on the targets, its local roots and maturity of the business model.

(Source: Carenews, July 4, 2016)