Independent media are close to the SSE, often by their status and especially by the values they defend. But how do they approach it? Here is a selection of independent media articles mainly on the #COVID-19. You can also find them on the map of Journalism of Solutions (the articles are located in the city where the experience is taking place or, in the case of a general article, in the city where the media is based).

As you will see, the articles are in their original language, due to the diversity of European countries. This will allow you to perceive which themes are covered by these media: sustainable development, refugees, self-management, cooperatives, organic agriculture, etc. Feel free to send us an article or a media site to improve the map and our knowledge of SSE. Write to Françoise Wautiez: fwautiez[at]


  • Magazine Autre Terre n°5 – L’entreprenariat social, mars 2020 [Lire]
  • Résistance climatique : c’est le moment ! Article de Reporterre, 23 mars 2020 [lire]
  • TRIBUNE. « Plus jamais ça ! » : 18 responsables d’organisations syndicales, associatives et environnementales appellent à préparer « le jour d’après » Tribune de Francetvinfo 27/03/2020 [lire]
  • Au Québec, la crise du coronavirus pourrait ouvrir « le grand chantier de l’autosuffisance » alimentaire, Article de Reporterre, 31 mars 2020 [lire]


  • Revista Alternativas Económicas n°79 – Abril 2020 [Lire]
  • Una cura de solidariad, Artículo de El Salto Diario, Abril 2020 [lire]
  • Qué mundo queremos, Tribuna de El salto Diario, Abril 2020 [lire}


  • Stir Magazine: Spring 2020 : Alternatives for the crisis & Beyond [Lire]
  • Stir to Action New Economy Programme Webinar Series from April to July 2020
  • How Spanish flu helped create Sweden’s modern welfare state, Article of The Guardian, 29/08/2018 [lire]
  • The horror films got it wrong. This virus has turned us into caring neighbours, Article of The Guardian, 31/03/2020 [lire]