Internship 2016

Research and communication of SSE

Solidarity Economy in Europe

To apply, send an email to

RIPESS Europe offers an internship of 4 to 6 months on ‘research and communication of the solidarity economy in Europe’. Hosted by one of the network’s founding members (in Italy), the intern should be following a university course, speak fluently the two main languages used by the network (English and French), and possibly Spanish or German would be a plus. The internship will start from the end of April 2016.

The tutoring of the internship will be made by the organisation which will host the trainee in connection with the RIPESS Europe Coordination Committee.

The internship has the following objectives:

(a) provide technical support on the action of research conducted by the network on the practices and the actors of solidarity-based economy in Europe.

(b) contribute to reorganize and improve creatively RIPESS Europe communication;

(c) support the preparation of the next General Assembly of RIPESS to be held in France in Villarceaux in June (logistics, comunication), and provide support to the event (taking notes, verbatim reporting, communication) and reporting of the event afterwards.

The intern will have a computer and an internet connection and will participate in the meetings and of the organisation which will host it, as well as those of the Coordination Committee.

The intern will receive compensation in the amount of €500 per month for 4/6 months, travel expenses related to the object of the internship will be refunded. He / she must be personally insured for civil liability.

Deadline to present the candidacy for the internship: April 15, 2016