The second stage of the World Social Forum on Transformative Economies is now

We accept the challenge: present your initiative until 30 September!

Once again, organisations from Transforming Economies from all over the world will meet in a virtual format in a new stage that will take place from 23 October to 22 November, in a Forum that this time will be framed in the FESC (Fira d’Economia Solidària de Catalunya), an event that in recent years has brought together some 15,000 people in Barcelona.

The different confluences of the WSFTE and other organisations will meet throughout these days in inter-movement spaces to finally build the agenda of Transformative Economies that will respond to the global challenges generated by the market economy. But in addition, throughout the proposed calendar, “We accept the challenge” will be presented, which will materialize in the presentation of initiatives from the different organizations. These initiatives are defined as struggles, campaigns, projects, policies and practices that reflect the search for transformative economies, in its broadest sense. These are initiatives that give a focused and concrete response to the different global challenges.

From now on, is open for organisations, movements, cooperatives, foundations, etc, the process of presenting initiatives in the Virtual Forum of the WSFTE:

The process of the WSFTE encourages us to be able to showcase transformative economic practices and make them visible through a portal, which serves to promote and strengthen all these initiatives, as references for transformative economies.

Those that receive more support in the portal, as well as better scores from the selection committee, will be offered an opportunity for exchange in the form of a sponsorship – north / south, south / north – that guarantees knowledge and mutual help, with the human and economic resources that are necessary for the corresponding exchanges. The sponsored initiatives will participate in the programme of the 2020 WSFTE in October and November, and will subsequently be included in a digital publication and open a funding round with global ethical finance players.

Under this calendar and these purposes, dozens of organisations from all over the world will continue to work on a process of convergence that has been active for two years and which has had to be reconfigured and adapted to the difficult situation resulting from the pandemic.

The challenge of October will also be to take up again the proposals that came out of the WSFTE in June and those elaborated by the confluences in the last months, in order to build the programme of transformation of power, knowledge, economy and relations with nature.

October will be a new open door to dialogue, cooperation and the construction of other possible worlds – and to articulate with other spaces and Forums such as the GSEF, the World Social Forum on Migration and the WSF 2021.