‘Fruits of Solidarity” is an exports campaign project of Greek coop products (mostly olive oil & oils), supported by Dock – Social Solidarity Economy Zone* aiming at the creation of a new node in the existing network of production, distribution, exportation and consumption of coop products, based on the principles and values of social solidarity economy.

It started in December 2015 and at the moment, the Fruits of Solidarity project runs in Belgium as “GR-Entrance” campaign coordinated by CLimaxi, with help from RIPESS members in Berlin by Solioli, in Netherlands with “Solid Greece by Possible, and in Luxembourg by KiloMinett0.

The project is growing day by day and as the harvesting period in Greece has come it is good time to join the campaign and find out how you can host ” Fruits of Solidarity” products

More info in English, French German, Greek

Contact us: info@dock.zone

* DOCK is a newly founded infrastructure which supports Social and Solidarity Economy initiatives and Cooperatives