RIPESS Europe – Solidarity Economy Europe’s General Assembly took place in the context of the UniverSSE Congress, in the premises of the agricultural University in Athens, on Friday June 9, 2017 and according to the usual operation of the European network, when the AG takes place in the framework of a Congress, it was a shorter meeting.

After an introduction by Eric Lavillunière (INEES), general coordinator, the AG took place according to the following agenda:

  • Presentation of the Activities Report 2016
  • Information from the working groups
  • Discussion on the strategy and action plan 2017-2019
  • Presentation and vote for new members
  • Presentation and validation of financial statement 2016 and projected budget 2017
  • Vote for the renewal of the coordination committee

In 2016, the network brought together 35 members in Europe and this year welcomed several new members: DOCK (Greece), REDPES (Portugal), Ekumakad (Czech Republic), Green Liberty (Latvia), Ideas Factory (Bulgaria), Biocamp (Greece).

RIPESS has developed a strategy of linking its members, promoting the implementation of common projects and European projects to meet new members. Also and IVET youth training project is underway since September 2016; a cross-border research project – Interreg – connects one French and a Catalan member; SSEDAS SUSY initiated via a partner in Italy led to the meeting with several potential members.

There is still ongoing work for the Panorama of SSE, initially carried out by two members, now more distributed among several initiatives by different members.  RIPESS EU takes part in events with other networks to establish convergences: with the network of self-managed enterprises for example, the European Commons Assembly, the University community or with social movements like Attac or collectives for the transition.

Through its membership in the RIPESS international and thanks also to Urgenci, international network, RIPESS Europe intervenes in international bodies such as the SSE Task force of the United Nations.

RIPESS EU participates in the international 3 working groups: relationship with institutions, network development and education. A new one has been recently formed, Women and ESS available here. RIPESS intercontinental calls for all members who are curious to wite us and participate to one of the working Groups.. This is the same for the European network, so we referred to the difficulties of their functioning and proposed solutions.

The Newsletter is now available in three languages (EN, ES, FR). Events of the members can be added on the send an e-mail to The site is also a valuable source of information and Exchange or each can send the info.

International RIPESS has now a communications officer, Alexandre Durrande, allowing it to leverage the media forces.

The Newsletter is now available in 4 languages.

An approach of networking of alternative media is also underway, as well as the development of a training Webinar.

RIPESS EU has been  working on five strategic areas of development of his influence: fair trade, commons, communication and media, inter-cooperation, panorama.

This AG, entered in the Congress UNIVERSSE 2017, very well organized by the Greek network. A rich and joyful moment both addressing the essential questions and disseminating complicity and usability

For more info see the full report AGM here and here