Article from the Portal de Economía Solidaria, Reas, red de redes

REAS Rioja welcomes with great satisfaction the approval by the Parliament of our Community of the Law of Social and Solidarity Economy of La Rioja, the first law in Spain that incorporates the qualifier of “solidarity” together with the denomination of “social economy”, which reaffirms the commitment of these entities to social justice in the economic sphere.

In La Rioja, the Social and Solidarity Economy is made up of more than 575 entities (2.6% of companies in La Rioja), which generate 4,125 jobs (3% of employment in La Rioja) and with sales of 572 million euros (representing 6.5% of the GDP of La Rioja).

La Rioja is the third Autonomous Community after Galicia (in 2016) and the Canary Islands (in 2022) with an autonomous law for the sector. Raquel Ramírez, from the Association El Colletero de Nalda, adds that “among the contributions of the Law, it is worth mentioning the designation of the Special Employment Centres of Social Initiative as belonging to the Social and Solidarity Economy, or the inclusion of the local Energy Communities as another actor in this sector. However, above all, REAS Rioja believes that the extension of the name to designate the Law as “Social and Solidarity Economy” is relevant. This brings new nuances and commitments to these entities in search of achieving the application of social justice from the economic sphere”.

From REAS Rioja we would like to acknowledge the work done by all the parliamentary groups in the drafting of this Law, which allows the development of state regulations and adapts them to the reality of La Rioja, positioning La Rioja as a reference in this sector and contributing to the momentum of the Social and Solidarity Economy, at different scales (Government of Spain, Europe, UN, etc.).

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