The 12th Congress and General Assembly (GA) of RIPESS Europe – Solidarity Economy Europe will be held from the 19th to 21th September 2023 at La Bergerie de Villarceaux (Paris, France), with the support of the FPH (Foundation for human progress). This GA is the opportunity to meet again and celebrate the 12th Anniversary of the network in a convivial atmosphere and to continue planning together following the Strategic orientations approved in September 2022.

As climate and ecological issues are becoming more and more central to our choice of destination, we thought of holding the GA every two years in Villarceaux : because of its location – easy to reach from most European countries – relatively central as well as the possibility of arriving in PARIS by train / bus / plane (if necessary) from most European cities.

The meeting focuses on the development of the European network 12 years from its foundation. New members are expected from different European countries and guests from other networks and organisations.  Since it is a residential meeting, participants are expected to stay the whole time.  Places are limited.

To confirm your participation, you must register online here


Preparation of the General Assembly

You can access documents and forums for the preparation of the GA via the following links.

If you need to give a proxy vote to another member, please compile and send this form.

Please, read carefully the “CoCo renewal – Appeal for candidates” document !

– Forum for the preparation of the General Assembly: to help build the GA together, we have opened a specific forum discussion in Framavox at this address.  You must be registered to participate.


For logistics matters: 

  • What costs are covered by RIPESS EU
    • Ripess Europe will pay for all accommodation and meals.

The following documents will be uploaded on this page for your information before the meeting: