Article by REAS Red de Redes, Spanish State

REAS Red de Redes joins the declaration promoted by the magazine Food Sovereignty “For a food system based on agroecology and food sovereignty” (in Spanish) and invites the networks of REAS and the entities and people that make up the Solidarity Economy movement to support and disseminate it in favor of “new food system based on the foundations of peasant agroecology, food sovereignty and the solidarity, cooperative and feminist economy

This statement has several objectives. First, to broaden and deepen the rural, agrarian and food debate to explain the root of the problem: the capitalist system. On the other hand, it is necessary to size the number of groups and people who share what is expressed below. In the face of confusion, appropriation of terms and false solutions, it is important to make clear which political foundations are immovable. Finally, we are convinced that this declaration will promote new initiatives of articulation towards a new food system.

Those of us who subscribe to this declaration consider ourselves informed, conscious, critical and committed citizens, linked in various ways to rurality and food.

We are concerned about the current situation and look forward in a context of uncertainty in the face of a food model with fewer and fewer people in the countryside and totally dependent on external inputs and limited energy, designed with parameters of accumulation of benefit and not to offer healthy food to the entire population or to keep our rural world alive.

We are also concerned about the biased debate that exists and, therefore, it seems mandatory to provide elements that are central to achieving what any society longs for: preserving the environment of which we are part and guaranteeing a dignified life for all living beings that inhabit it.

Read the statement here.