By Laura Aufrère, Ripess Europe Scientific Committee 

Lauch of the webinars co-organized by the RIPESS Europe Scientific committee and the College of Global Studies – FMSH 

The Ripess Europe Scientific Committee is launching an international webinar on solidarity economy on the different continents. In this difficult period, it seems particularly important to strengthen the relations among the initiatives and the people active in the solidarity economy as a global movement. Hence the scientific committee of RIPESS Eu, in partnership with FMSH Paris (Maison des Sciences de l’Homme de Paris / “Human Science House of Paris”), decided to launch this webinar as an opportunity to build a dedicated space to nurture this international conversation. This webinar is dedicated to sharing common questions and mutual information, analysis and perspectives about the development of Solidarity Economy on the different continents. It is addressed to everyone interested in those topics : actors and collective initiatives, researchers and students, public institutions representatives. There is no need to register, you are welcome to join.

The opening session will focus on the International Manifesto for the Solidarity Economy.

Following that opening, the annual discussion will be organized in two sequences. The first round will deal with Solidarity Economy and Feminism, following a pace of a 2 hours webinar every second Monday of each monthfrom 2pm to 4pm CET until September 2021. The second round will deal with the development and current situation of solidarity economy on each continentduring the second semester.

Please find below the upcoming program.

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Each session is recorded and the series of intervention will available online on RIPESS Eu Scientific Committee webpage. We are volunteering to do it, so it will not be immediate and we thank you in advance for you patience while waiting for the scientific committee to deliver the podcast.

March 1st – 2 p.m. – 4 p.m CET. Opening session : the dynamics of the International Manifesto for the Solidarity Economy

This seminar on the International Manifesto for Solidarity Economy will lay the foundations for this new series of dialogues proposed by RIPESS Europe. This seminar will count on the presence of scholars from different countries : Ruth Muñoz (Argentina), Swati Banerjee (India), Sadik Youssef (Marocco), Linda Andersen (Denmark – to be confirmed), Noriko Hataya (Japan), and Laura Aufrere (France) will be talking about Solidarity Economy and the Manifesto in their countries. Jean-Louis Laville, Luciane dos Santos and Genauto França Filho will be debating the key concepts within the Manifesto.

Last but not least, some connections between the Manifesto and the RIPESS Workshop Series on Solidarity Economy and Feminism will be addressed.

> Link to the Manifesto :

> This webinar will be in ENGLISH

Link to the webinar :

** Round – SOLIDARITY ECONOMY & FEMINISM – 1st semester**

This first round is devoted to the issue of Solidarity Economy and Feminism, a theme explored with a series of webinars organised until September 2021 including interventions from various continents.

> March the 8th, Monday : Isabelle Hillenkamp and Jean-Louis Laville

This webinar will be in ENGLISH

Link to the webinar :

> May the 10th, Monday

> July the 12, Monday

> September, the 13th, Monday

We will keep you posted regarding the update of the schedule.



The second round will gather participants from Asia, Africa, America and Europe.