By Eric Dacheux, The Conversation – May 13, 2020

(…) To remedy the economic and social crisis following the Covid-19 pandemic, many initiatives, in France, but also in other Western countries, propose the rapid establishment of a “basic income”. The aim is to distribute a basic income in order both to limit situations of extreme poverty and also to avoid an excessive contraction in demand.

As specialists in the social and solidarity economy, we propose the RECRE living wage, which would make it possible both to overcome capitalism and to renew democracy.

The RECRE is the monthly, individual and unconditional payment of an income that allows people to live in dignity without having to work.

This proposal goes further than the universal income initiatives read in the press. It wants to promote radical democracy, which, according to the philosopher John Dewey, means giving all those who wish to do so the opportunity to participate actively in the solution of the problems they encounter.

The uniqueness of this income is that it is based on monetary creation and not on the principle of redistribution.

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