RIPESS Europe develops different projects and activities around feminisms considering the gender perspective as something fundamental in the Social and Solidarity Economy. It defends an intersectional anti-racist perspective defending all identities and sexual orientations.




Online Course on Feminist Economics

Faced with neoliberal policies aimed at increasing financial profit at the expense of global justice, it is important to move forward taking into account the intersections that cross us, overcoming the points that weaken us, uniting us in diversity and becoming a real...

Feminist protocol and Care commission within Ripess Europe

Article by Andrea Rodríguez Valdés, RIPESS Europe The cis-heteropatriarchal system, the hierarchies and the relations of power and oppression that it brings with it, permeate all spheres of our lives, and are present even in supposedly anti-authoritarian and liberated...

Feminist Economics and Promotion of Care

Article by Andrea Rodríguez Valdés, RIPESS Europe On September 23, RIPESS Europe and RedPes organized a Webinar on Feminist Economics and Promotion of Care in The Workplace, in which we had the pleasure of listening to María Atienza of REAS Network of Networks of...
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Invitation to the Webinar on Feminist Economy and Care

By Andrea Rodriguez, Ripess Europe Link to register: https://bbb.redpes.pt/b/web-e4f-zvm-3nh RIPESS Europe is pleased to invite you on 23 September at 16h CEST to the Webinar Feminist Economy and the promotion of care in the workspaces. An online activity, which will...
Photo by Liliana Fontoura

Building a feminist economy. Memories of our meeting in Oporto

Article by Andrea Rodríguez Valdés, RIPESS Europe "There is no economy, no technology, no politics and no society without nature and without care", says Yayo Herrero, pointing out how the neoliberal society we inhabit has built a way of organizing life in common, a...

4 a Care Work Environment

4 a Care Work Environment, will hold its first activity in Oporto, Portugal between June 15 and 17, 2022. A first face-to-face meeting that will be attended by REDPES and RIPESS Europe people involved in the project plus other invited Feminists, and in which together...

New RETHINK project: Let’s make our workspaces more feminist and care-focused

Article by Andrea Rodríguez Valdés, RIPESS Europe RIPESS Europe announces a new project on how to make our workspaces more feminist and put care at the centre of our activity. This project, which begins now and will last until November, aims, from an intersectional...


REAS acts for a Solidarity and Feminist economy

REAS acts for a Solidarity and Feminist economy

Article by Maria Atienza de Andrés, Reas Red de Redes From what we call economic activism, we want to make visible and promote our will to transform through economic practices that respond to our commitment to Equity, Decent Work, Ecological Sustainability,...

GSEF : Pre-forum Femm’ESS, an event dedicated to women

GSEF : Pre-forum Femm’ESS, an event dedicated to women

GSEF article   Social and economic empowerment and territorialization of sustainable public policies Women’s growing contributions to households, goods and services production systems, and economies remain largely unrecognized, both in Africa and the rest of the...

Women’s resistance to the war in Ukraine

Women’s resistance to the war in Ukraine

Article by ATTAC France, January 2023, by Alona Liasheva, Huayra Llanque As war rages in Ukraine, women are doubly mobilized. First to take part in the resistance and organize against the Russian invasion. But also to defend their rights, all the more threatened by...

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⭕️The importance of coming together into a circle⭕️All members are equalAll members have stories to share All members are actors of social change When all members meet, fragments of reality shape the wider frame, that's why we take care of our circles while we keep it open!👉Members we shared our stories at GA 20APESAAPRÈS - Le réseau de l'économie sociale et solidaire sApres GE, Docks Ekumenická akademieá ESSpliciteESFairtrade PolskaadZMAG / Reciklirano imanjeanMouvement d'Economie Solidaire Île-de-France MES Idf-FMouvement pour l'Economie Solidaire Occitanie SRede Portuguesa de Economia Solidáriae Reas_Red SRIES - Rete Italiana Economia SolidalenaUFISComUrgenci, Community Supported Agriculture around the worldurKis-térség Fejlesztők Szakmai EgyesületőkSolidarius Italiat, Solidarius Italia🤝We had the great opportunity to meRipessh the team of Ripess Intercontinental and the last day we organised a session with special guests from different networks, we wGSEF - Global Forum for Social and Solidarity Economyd Social Economy EuropeocRéseau Rtes EECOLISERéseau Rtes, ECOLISE.Don't forget to subscribe to our monthly Newletter👇👇ripess.eu/en/news/newsletters/subscribe/ ... See MoreSee Less
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