By Andrea Rodriguez Valdés, Ripess Europe

From the working group “Youth and Social Solidarity Economy”, we want to welcome you to “You’conomy: the SSE youth community”, a section that will be available in all the publications of our Newsletter with the aim of bringing the SSE to the youngest.

We are very happy to announce this collective, self-managed and horizontal communication project, which from now on will have a place in the Newsletter and will serve as a space for the exchange of knowledge, tools, events, contacts, opportunities for young people, and real alternatives offered by the SSE. In addition, it will also be an opportunity to promote an intergenerational dialogue and to be in contact with other movements.

We are committed to making a different communicative project, built among all those who want to participate, and in which, without the need to use grandiloquent words or academic language, we can share our projects, ideas, concerns or activities that interest us.

You are all invited to visit the section each month, take a look around, write us with suggestions and, of course, be part of this project and our Youth and SSE working group.

See you in November!



 Põe quanto És no Mínimo que Fazes

Para ser grande, sê inteiro: nada

Teu exagera ou exclui.

Sê todo em cada coisa. Põe quanto és

No mínimo que fazes.

Assim em cada lago a lua toda

Brilha, porque alta vive
Ricardo Reis, in “Odes”
Heterónimo de Fernando Pessoa