Article by Andrea Rodríguez Valdés, RIPESS Europe

In this “2022 European year of Youth“, young people will also be present at the Strasbourg event that is planned for May 5 and 6 under the name of The Future of Europe. In fact, youth will be a fundamental theme in this meeting – with a dedicated “Youth Village” and their activities will have strong visibility in it.

The YOU’CONOMY “Youth and SSE” working group of RIPESS EU has proposed to hold an open assembly of young people and activists in which to share our great concerns as young people and write a joint manifesto of the youth on what a transformation of the current economic model would look like. In this sense, the objective of the activity is to collectively empower us towards a just social and economic transition from the perspective of transformative economies: solidarity, cooperativism and mutualism, fair and democratically managed work, ecofeminism, fair trade and ethical finance, agroecology, democratic participation, climate change, anti-racism, food systems and housing from the perspective of young people. In short, to question an entire economic and patriarchal system that exploits and precarious us, and (re)think and (re)imagine all alternatives that put life and care at the center and not economic benefit.

The idea is to take advantage of the framework offered by the Strasbourg conference to reach more young people with the ultimate goal of defining our common issues and drafting a Manifesto on the contribution of young people to the future of Europe through SSE and a just economic transition.

The workshop will be divided into three parts: i) flash workshops on the themes to be included in the Manifesto; (ii) working groups to elaborate the content of the Manifesto; iii) occupation of the public domain for the presentation of the first version of the Manifesto at the end of the event.

In addition, we intend to involve not only young people who physically participate in the Conference, but also participants of the RIPESS Europe Youth and SSE working group, representatives of the European institutions, and members of RIPESS Intercontinental who can give a broader and more international vision. Therefore, the assembly will have a hybrid virtual and face-to-face format, which will allow multiple participation and enrich the debate and the Manifesto itself. The RIPESS Europe working group will be responsible for carrying out a good follow-up and will continue to carry out tasks of dissemination and communication of the Manifesto and will link this activity to other possible workshops and assemblies.

Stay tuned and for any questions or if you wish to participate in the event, please contact: