Article by Georgia Bekridaki, Dock, Greece

The 12th General assembly (GA) and Congress of Ripess Europe will be held from the 19th to 21st September 2023 at la Bergerie de Villarceaux (Paris, France). General Assemblies is the liveliest space for all Ripess members to meet, exchange, get inspired and celebrate one more anniversary of the network in a convivial atmosphere.

During the three days of the Assembly, the proceedings will include several sessions in compliance to Ripess strategic objectives such as:

  • Strengthen the members capacity and Ripess as an important SSE actor in European level, to re-imagine and build our future economy and society. In that direction an important step is to revise the Charter of Principles, to face current social challenges;
  • Further on, open spaces and workshops will be held aiming to support the relationships/cooperation between the existing members, not only to sustain a common vision but to reinforce the economically and socially sustainability;
  • Partnerships and alliances will be reviewed in the direction of increasing the capability of the network to participate at the public policies construction and advocating towards the European Union’s policies on SSE. At the same field we will create the methods to help members work on local policies, through exchanges of practices and knowledge based on territorial experience;
  • Open spaces, workshops, plenary sessions, interactive activities, presentations and voting of the new Coordination Committee are some of the methodologies planned to create safe space for the members to engage, learn and interact.

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