By Ecolise 

A consultation was led in 2022, continuing now in 2023, for the

ECOLISE’s policy flagship project, the 10 theses towards transformative community-led local development policies.

The idea is to make proposals with the aim of building a shared vision of transformative local development policies with communities at the heart – and the role the European Green Deal can have in this. 

The format of the 10 theses is :

  • The challenge
  • The proposition: How community-led initiatives can bring transformative change
  • Link to the European Green Deal
  • Policy recommendations
  • Good practice examples
  • References
  • Similar demands by partners and other organisations

You will find the 10 theses in the draft document with the context and the 10 thesis:

  1. Why do we need transformative change with communities at the heart?
  2. Why are changed human-nature relationships the basis for transformative change?
  3. Why is it important to acknowledge extractive economic systems – and the prioritisation of growth and GDP – as the root cause of the planetary crisis?
  4. Why is collective action led by communities so important?
  5. Which values and regenerative cultures do CLIs bring to transformative changes?
  6. Why is transformative social innovation so important?
  7. Why do we need a strong connection between local and European levels of governance, including binding local plans for socio-ecological transformation?
  8. “Development” implies a goal – what’s our vision of bioregional transformative development?
  9. Why do CLIs need to engage with EU politics and policies, such as the European Green Deal?
  10. Why do CLIs need to be strengthened by increased public support networks?

So far, over 350 people from over 70 organisations have joined in the consultation process .

If you want to get involved in the process, please see here.