The planet is heating up. Humanity faces a climate breakdown. Access to basic rights like water, food, energy and housing are becoming increasingly strained. States, International Institutions and Transnational Corporations are unwilling or too slow to take action. But another world is not only possible, it is already happening.

Cities and collectives around the world are experimenting with new ways to practice democracy and secure access to basic rights. Where shall we look for inspiration?



The Atlas of Utopias: collective transformations that ensure access to basic rights. Water, energy, housing, food.

Welcome to the Atlas of Utopias!

A global gallery of inspiring community-led transformation that ensure access to basic rights such as water, energy, food systems and housing, featuring 40 stories from 34 cities and 23 countries (4 initiatives from North America; 5 initiatives from Africa; 14 initiatives from Europe; 8 initiatives from Latin America; 8 initiatives from Asia-Pacific & MENA)



Tuesday, May 23, 2023 at 13.00 CEST to Tuesday, May 30, 2023