In 2021, Ripess Europe celebrates its 10th anniversary!

As part of this celebration, and in order to honour the network and its members in particular, Ripess Europe will be conducting interviews, throughout the year, with the people who have brought it to life since its creation. Follow us on this European tour of the network’s members!

This time, we have an appointment with Judith Hitchman from Urgenci, member of Ripess Europe and joint co-ordinator of Ripess Intercontinental.


Hello Judith, can you tell us a bit more about yourself and your organisation?

Hi, I’m Judith Hitchman, currently president of Urgenci: International Network of Community Supported Agriculture and recently designated one of the joint co-ordinators of RIPESS Intercontinental. Urgenci is the global network of national CSA networks, and represents about 3 million people on the various continents.

What does it mean for you to be a member of Ripess Eu?

Urgenci has been a member of RIPESS EU since the beginning. Our network has two pillars: food sovereignty and solidarity economy. Building this bridge is part of our advocacy strategy, and RIPESS EU is a vital link in this work to promote this nexus at EU policy level as well as on the ground. So synergies and partnerships lie at the heart of this work.

What does Social and Solidarity Economy mean to you? 

For Urgenci, Solidarity Economy is closely linked to the food justice and the right to sustainable healthy food for all.

If you had to choose one memory since your integration, what would it be?

Too many to mention…