Article by Bruno Lasnier, MES/Transiscope


Transiscope (the Web Portal of Alternatives) is a collective and collaborative project conceived as a digital common that relies on individuals, collectives and associations (our sources). It is now crucial to support our (currently) 51 sources that every day make our project live.

This is the main mission of the Transiscothons!

What is a transiscothon?

We have therefore created the Transiscothons: four annual meetings, in the form of a two-day working time that becomes the moment conducive to concrete progress on our ongoing projects.

These meetings are an opportunity to discover the project, to get involved through concrete workshops, and end with a steering committee to ratify decisions when necessary.

During these meetings, we also realized the importance of travelling to the territories to meet the sources that contribute every day to the quality of the data that you can consult on our maps of alternatives.

An opportunity for our sources

Travelling to meet our sources allows us to truly share experiences and expertise that make us better understand the needs and problems facing these organizations.

A very useful pooling also for sources who can seek help free of charge and on site from an experienced team (thanks to the many years of development of the Transiscope project).

Transiscope is also a real sounding board by sourcing and disseminating news from sources on its networks (Facebook, newsletter, …).