It was on the occasion of UEMSS 2023 that the MES (Movement for the Solidarity Economy) offered a workshop on this subject, following the discovery of the Belgian museum some time previously.
Seduced by this educational and essential work, the first idea was to request the Belgian traveling exhibition on our territory, to which the Belgians responded “what if you created your French museum?”.


With the CAC, the proposal for a time at the UEMSS 2023 was made, the start of a collective dynamic.

A first stone was laid at the end of August on the occasion of the arrival at the UEMSS of a part of the Belgian exhibition and members of the 3 existing museums of capitalism: Berlin, New York and Belgian, all 3 linked in a union “International Museum Of Capitalism Alliance” IMOCA. During a one-day module, the presentation of current museums was made by their members + reflection on a French version slowly emerged.



Stakeholders include : the Movement for the Solidarity Economy, Engineers Without Borders, Les Colibris, Attac and the CAC of course… and Ritimo has also expressed its interest.




The Expo (only a part) of the Museum of Belgian Capitalism was present during the 5 days of the UEMSS.

This day of August 26 ended with a friendship meal, to seal our commitment to creating the 4th Museum in France!