The GECES brings together 70 experts from the various Member States of the European Union and works on a report about the social economy. At the request of the Commission, expressed in its Communication “Social Entrepreneurship Initiative”, the mission has been to evaluate the implementation of the measures foreseen in this communication to support the development of social entrepreneurship.

At work since September 2015, the GECES has just publicly communicated its report, at a conference on social economics and social enterprises organised by the Slovak presidency of the Council of the EU, in Bratislava on 30 November and 1 December 2016.  In the wake, the GECES addresses 13 recommendations for concrete actions to the European institutions and to the Governments of the Member States to develop the social economy. The four major issues are: enhancing visibility and recognition, facilitating access to financing, adapting the legal framework and developing ad hoc international support programmes, networks and mechanisms.

More info: download the GECES report 2016