The University Cadi Ayyad in Marrakech and the University of Haute-Alsace are organizing the annual Colloquium of the Inter University Network of Social and Solidarity Economics (RIUESS) in Marrakech in conjunction with the Euro-Mediterranean Network sustainable development and social link (2DLiS), the Moroccan network of Social and Solidarity Economy (REMESS) in Marrakech (Morocco) from the 22nd to the 24th of May 2017.

This is the first meeting with partners in North Africa. The theme chosen jointly by the two organising universities and the Inter-University network: “How to train in the social solidarity economy? Engagement, citizenship and development.”

RIPESS EU will also participates to an action research in partnership with 7 other European participants, bringing the first results of this research into the reflection to be conducted during these days. A working time in common with the REMESS and possibily representant of the African Network (RAESS) should unfold before this potentially rich encounter in cross-cultural exchanges. See the invitation to tender on the site of the RIUESS.