The XVI meeting of the Inter-niversity network for social economy and solidarity (RIUESS) was held at the University Paul Valéry in Montpellier. This year the theme was about The « commons » and Social Solidarity Economy. What identities and commond dynamics ?

It is not possible to report here the richness and diversity of exchanges around the concepts which have been quite recently (re) introduced in both economists’ and intellectuals’ discourse and more largely by people who promote initiatives in their territories which they consider a rehabilitation of the Commons.  […]

In the workshops, many issues were discussed (one participant questioned the “myth of localism”), with various focal points. The written contributions (49) were grouped within 18 workshops in four parallel sessions. These contents are available on the website of

The RIUESS network held the meeting of its General Assembly (the first after the founding one, last November). The network brings together more than 50 researchers from several Universities and members on an individual basis. It elected its Coordination Committee (7 men, 7 women). It announced the  XVII meeting in Marrakech in partnership between the University of Mulhouse and of Morocco. It also decided to renew its membership to RIPESS Europe.