The Summer University of the Social Movements and International Solidarity (UEMSSI) organized jointly by Attac France and CRID,  took place from 6 to 9 July 2016 in Besançon, under the heading “From utopias to alternatives: let’s act together”. The report of the whole meeting can be seen here (in French).

Nearly 1,000 people gathered to participate in more than 80 workshops, debates or training offered during these four days, built around a common theme: the transformation of our utopias in alternatives. Partners from 15 countries have also responded to our invitation.

RIPESS Europe, thanks to its french member, the MES Movement for solidarity economy, contributed to the development and animation of a seminar (a series of three workshops) with other networks, also dedicated to social transformation. The module titled “Alternatives, their construction and their implementation” received a good turnout, with about 50 people from different organizations, and a dense and lively discussion.


Some of the workshops took place on the grass… because of the heat

Josette Combes for the MES spoke about “what democracy and what emancipation in alternative initiatives.” Jason Nardi intervened with examples of ethical finance initiatives and, finally, a summary on the strengths and challenges emerging from the seminar (see here an interview with Jason at the University).

These forms of cooperation within a temporary grouping of structures that are all dedicated to the social, environmental, and economic transition, open to participation on the convergences present in both action plans of MES and RIPESS Europe.

[Article by Josette Combes]