We are excited to share the news that this Thursday the Transformative Cities team is launching the People’s Vote for the Transformative Cities Award 2020!

Through an open call  they have collected practices of transformative change from all over the  world. These practices have been evaluated by a global, multidisciplinary team in a peer-review process. Three transformative initiatives for each category (water, energy, housing and food systems) have been selected as the top 12 finalists nominated for the Award.
For a sneak preview, you can already check out the finalists here!
You can vote for your favorite finalist starting Thursday, 15 October until Monday,16 November. This way you will help promote transformative practices around the world that deserve more global attention and show us how access to basic rights can be guaranteed even during the times of COVID-19.
We believe these transformative stories of change will help promote the idea that although we are living in complex times full of anxieties, people-powered alternatives tackling injustice and climate-change do exist.

 Be ready to vote!

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