Since 1997 and every four years, RIPESS promotes the International Meeting of Social Solidarity Economy.

Come share your practices and discuss the current challenges and ways to strengthen the Social Solidarity Economy (SSE) worldwide as a development strategy in the actual context of a global crisis of capitalism.

We will debate the identity of the SSE and its relationship with various aspects, such as: other social movements; the governments and international agencies; “buen vivir”, degrowth and other new indicators of development; the capitalist market; governance and management; economical sustainability; social development; ecological conservation; diversity of culture, gender, race; the territories and local supply chains; consumption and society.

Besides an International Territory of SSE in Manila where products and materials will be presented and sold and self-managed activities will be offered by participants from the five continents, the debates will be organised in 4 Themes:

1 – Global vision of SSE: What are the basic principles that define SSE world-wide? What consensus and differences exist in this definition?

2 – SSE experiences in the territories: In what ways the existing initiatives of SSE do their economic activities in the territories and their integration in economic networks and supply-chains?

3 – Global networking and organizing: How does the movement of SSE organizes itself locally, nationally and internationally? What political strategies, articulation with other movements and international institutions are necessary to make it stronger and deepen the SSE outreach

4 – Communication and visibility of SSE: How to overcome the communication barriers across different sectors towards enhancing the visibility of SSE?

You can already contribute to the preparatory debates in our virtual forums! Join in!

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* Is it difficult for you or your organisation to go to Manila? We expect to establish a system of real-time discussions with all participants around the world who wish to, as an online system allowing everyone to follow discussions in Manila to give her/his opinion, make contributions from her/his reality, and ask questions whenever they want, in any computer with internet connection in a very simple and intuitive way.

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