REAS network of networks of alternative and solidarity economy is an associative network of confederal character grouping 14 territorial organizations and 4 sectors of social solidarity economy in Spain. As could not be otherwise, it is a horizontal, plural space and a coexistence of different sensitivities and identities, both national and socio-political.

However, and through the vindication of the transformative role of solidarity economy, we share, among others, the values that have to do with the fraternity between people and among peoples, solidarity with those who suffer any onslaught from the powers (whether capitalist, anti-democratic or patriarchal) and the defense of the right to self-management and democratic participation of individuals, enterprises and organizations, communities and peoples.

This is why we can not dismiss the serious events in Catalonia without showing a message of solidarity with its people and, in particular, of fraternity with the individuals, enterprises and organizations that make up the rich movement of the social economy solidarity, committed to democracy and individual and collective freedoms.

We categorically denounce the savage repression exerted by the State security forces on thousands of people who, from the practice of active nonviolence, have tried to exercise their right to free expression and political participation. We sympathize with the victims of this repression and denounce the sole responsibility in these events that lies with the Spanish Government.

We respect and show our solidarity with the people and organizations that promote a democratic process of decision-making about their own future as a people. Legitimate discrepancies that may exist about the future are not obices to recognize the right that pertains to the Catalan people to decide democratically, through procedures that are necessary and ensure their free participation.

We share the pronouncements which, accordingly, have been made by our sister network in Catalonia – the XES (Xarxa d’ Economía Solidaria de Catalunya) – in defense of the right of people to decide, in favour of all the freedoms and against repression. We show our solidarity with the movement of the social solidarity economy of Catalonia, with whom we share the work of transforming the economy and the dream of a more free, just and united World.

Finally, we call the set of territorial networks, enterprises, organizations and individuals that are part of network of networks and, in general, the movement of the social solidarity economy to participate in various demonstrations and initiatives of solidarity that have been called across the State today – the Catalan general strike day – and for the next days.