invites you to listen again to the interviews with our members of Central and Eastern Europe of years past.

You will find here a recap of the the RIPESS Europe videos where were interviewed the Central and Eastern Europe members of the network. Some were realised to celebrate the 10 years of the network during the GA in Villarceaux  in September 2021:
Meet Monika Onyszkiewicz, Fairtrade Poland who explains the importance of sharing a common vision to put the bases for common grounds for new projects in the region.

Others for the same reason, previously online, for example :
MeetDražen Šimleša(ZMAG, Croatia), member of Ripess Europe from the ecosocial educational permaculture center, near Zagreb. He is a researcher and now general cocoordinator of RIPESS Europe.

Meet Mihaela Vetan, CRIES (Romania), member of Ripess Europe. CRIES is based in Timisoara, promoting SSE through supporting and training on responsible consumption, CSA, Fair trade, etc. They are among the first members of RIPESS Europe since its beginning in Barcelona in 2011.

Others in the framework of the series « Women and SSE :
Ideas Factory: Baba Residences in Bulgaria – interview of Yanina Taneva. Their idea is to respond to the challenges and obstacles of the economic situation, connecting people and environments: between generations, rural and urban, etc.

Interview with Agnes Gagyi : Hungarian Solidarity Economy Center, member RIPESS Europe. They are based in Budapest and work as a cooperative development agency, building the ecosystems needed for the development of SSE.

You will obviously find documents, other videos, etc on the different countries of this European region by putting the name of the countries on the research engine.