Created in 2000, The Inter-University Network of Social and Solidarity Economy ( Réseau Inter-Universitaire de l’Economie Sociale et Solidaire, RIUESS) is composed of around 30 universities and is widely opened to the international. It allows the French-speaking teachers and researchers from several disciplines – economics, sociology, management, law, communication, political sciences, geography…– to confront their works, in particular through the annual Meetings and to expand their training offer (you can find all the communications from the Meetings in

As an association since 2016, the RIUESS seeks to extend and reinforce its approach. Its ambition is to aprtcipate in full to the collective debates on the possible futures of the SSE, in particular through a bigger visbiity for its positions and analisis.

The university reserach and training are full components of the SSE dynamism, that is the reason why they require the full aknowledgement from public aithorities. The manifesto below (in French) – available in short version (1 page) and in in long (3 pages) – represents the first step to such an aknowledgement.

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 Manifeste RIUESS Version courte 

 Manifeste RIUESS Version longue