RTES (France) offers a MunicipalESS kit for municipal and inter-municipal teams wishing to support the social and solidarity economy. It is composed of 24 sheets, covering the levers available to the municipal block and different fields of activity. SSE can be at the heart of the development of a cooperative and more resilient economic system!

You will find all these sheets in the socioeco.org educational tools: here. The kit is in French, but we hope, by translating the titles of the different sheets to inspire you at the local authorities level.

As a reminder, by putting “public policies” in the search engine in socioeco.org, you will find the guides and manuals related to these policies: responsible public procurement, renewable energies, short providers/consumers circuits, transition, etc. in the different languages of the site.

Discover the MunicipalESS kit :
The introductory sheets :

  • The introductory text “To place the social and solidarity economy at the heart of municipal and inter-municipal public policies”.
  • Sheet n°1: “Social and solidarity economy, what are we talking about?”.
  • Sheet n°2 : “Why set up a policy to support the social and solidarity economy?”.
  • Sheet n°3 : “The social and solidarity economy at the heart of the competences of the communal block”.

The “lever” cards :

  • Knowing and mobilising the actors in my area (n°4)
  • Responsible public procurement (n°7)
  • Cooperative Societies of Collective Interest – SCIC (n°9)
  • Contractualisation modes between local authorities and SSE actors (n°11)
  • Access to land for SSE actors (n°13)
  • Social utility, social impact and evaluation of SSE public policies (No.15)
  • Animating your territory (n°17)
  • Solidarity finance & complementary local currencies (n°20)
  • Transversality of SSE policies (n°23)
  • Summary of the resources that can be mobilised by local authorities (n°24)

The “thematic” sheets:

  • SSE & revitalisation of city centres (n°5)
  • SSE & urban policy (n°6)
  • SSE & sustainable and accessible food for all (n°8)
  • SSE & access to sustainable mobility (n°10)
  • SSE & culture (n°12)
  • SSE & energy transition (n°14)
  • SSE & rurality(ies) (double sheet n°16)
  • SSE & digital technologies (n°18)
  • SSE & youth and sports (n°19)
  • SSE, early childhood & family (n°21)
  • SSE, waste management & circular economy (n°22)