Original title: L’économie qui est là, l’économie qui arrive. Le défi d’une institutionnalisation positive de l’économie sociale

To exit a niche and shake up the dominant economic norms, the social economy seeks to be recognized. This institutionalization allows it to become known, to grow, to obtain an adequate legal framework, funding … But it also has its flip side: it is observed that by becoming institutionalized, the social economy is impregnated with dominant norms and sometimes loses its ambition of social transformation. Is it possible to envisage a positive institutionalization, that is to say without loss of values, of the social economy?

This is the theme of this study that will take us through various institutionalization cases (the re-employment sector, social impact bonds and social clauses in public procurement). We will then take more of an overview to look at the history of the social economy and take a look at the different scenarios for its future.

Elements to act  – hopefully – against the excesses of institutionalization.

The 2017 SAW-B study is available here online (in French).

The study, like all SAW-B documents, is also referenced on socioeco.org.