RIPESS Europe’s convergence strategy priority will continue next year with the NESI Forum, the global Forum on New Economy and Social Innovation (NESI), which will take place in Málaga, Spain, April 19-22, 2017, where some of the main economic movements proposing a real alternative to the current economic system come together in one place with the aim of co-creating a common narrative towards a New Economy focused on people that will serve as a roadmap for governments and companies. For RIPESS members and sympathizers, there is a -20% exclusive discount coupon: #ripess+ (go here to register).

More than a dozen recognized international organizations such as RIPESS Europe, Positive Money, System B, BLab Europe, Global Alliance for Banking on Values, Social Enterprise World Forum, Economy for the Common Good, OuiShare, Transition Networking, New Economics Foundation, International Union for Conservation of Nature, Initiatives Of Change, International Alliance for Localization … among others, have already joined the debate. NESI is supported by the Global Hub for the Common Good Foundation, a Think Tank of international experts – created in 2015- with the vision of boosting a new social, economic and political models geared towards a common good.

How to participate? NESI is an open and inclusive process that seeks the active collaboration of citizens. From now until the date of the forum, we will begin co-creating the first Manifesto for New Economy, a five-question survey that aims to draft the final document to be presented at the Málaga forum. In addition, activists, business leaders, policy-makers and researchers are invited to participate in the NESI Program Call for Proposals.

You are all invited to participate!

More info and programme on the website: