UFISC Communiqué, France

Cultural diversity and solidarity: for a clarification of the first measures announced

The exceptional nature of the crisis we are experiencing, its scale, the uncertainties and distress it is causing, and the considerable impact it will have in the short and medium term, commit each of us to working collectively, making solidarity the cornerstone of our commitments.

While the disparity of situations calls for a benevolent and concerted search for solutions adapted to individual cases, these solutions cannot, however, avoid a systemic and coherent vision.

We reaffirm that it is collectively and in synergy that we will be able to ensure the protection of the social rights of professionals as well as of all the activities of creative, production and distribution structures.

Solidarity cannot be an option.

We therefore call on :

  • The solidarity of local authorities and subsidized structures towards the structures of production and creation.
  • The acceleration and simplification of administrative financial procedures
  • The solidarity of the creative and production structures with the teams.
  • The clarification and harmonization of decisions taken by the Ministry of Labour and the Unemployment office (Pôle Emploi)

Full press release here (in French).