Article by Andrea Rodríguez Valdés, RIPESS Europe

Education and training, exchange of practices and experiences, collective knowledge base… this is the Moodle of RIPESS Europe, a platform that is dedicated to sharing among all those who are interested in the approaches and practices of the Social and Solidarity Economy from a Critical School and co-learning approach.

This platform that we are beginning to develop, aims to complement the other two educational tools that are part of RIPESS Europe: Solecopedia and In addition, it is open to anyone who wants to use it, either to take courses as a participant or as a trainer and is a tool in which the results of the numerous projects we carry out can be made visible and shared. Thus, in a dynamic way we can create schools or critical training on different topics of Social and Solidarity Economy: Feminist Economy, Ethical Finance, Agroecology, Commons etc.

From RIPESS Europe, we consider that it is necessary to promote other ways of generating knowledge since it is essential to overcome the forms that capitalism provides.

How to access the RIPESS Europe Moodle?

It is as simple as accessing through the following link and create an account for you. You will also find the direct link on our website, as well as access to Solecopedia and

What content is available in Moodle?

At the moment, moodle is in its first phase, but we have already posted on it contents of two Erasmus projects in which RIPESS Europe has participated: VET and SSE and BUSSE.

The first, VET (vocational education and training), a course dedicated to how to make visible and affirm the position of SSE in the European continent through the impact on school curricula. A paradigm shift requires a shift in consciousness. That is why education and training are a fundamental part of this process, and in particular Vocational and Educational Training (VET), with its great potential to transform the younger generations into citizens and professionals who are more informed and aware, as well as more capable of facing the current challenges of society. This course aims to identify the opportunities and limitations of the countries involved to achieve the objective of including SSE in national VET curricula, adding some transversal perspectives to the description of the situation of each country.

BUSSE (building Up Social Solidarity Economy), also presents and makes visible in the form of a course the results of an Erasmus project. It aims to disseminate SSE knowledge and practices in Central and Eastern Europe. The main impact that is expected to be achieved is to improve people’s skills and knowledge about SSE and its transformative potential. We have developed an informal educational program aimed at both individuals and organizations interested in learning about SSE and focused on key elements at the regional level.

What is expected in the future?

RIPESS Europe is also developing a course on Ethical and Solidarity Finance aimed especially at young people and that will have a first phase of pilot training in the city of Barcelona with the aim of knowing different initiatives and then move to an online space in which issues related to the financialization of the system will be addressed, empowering people through Ethical Finance and how to translate all this into youth activism and advocacy.

On the other hand, we will soon be able to launch, in collaboration with REAS Red de Redes and Dawn, a course on Feminist Economics. This course is divided into two parts, a first that aims characterize the conditions of the current system and develop the theoretical contributions and bridges between Feminist Economics and Solidarity Economy, and a second that focuses on how to build more feminist entities and companies through the use of practical tools. The idea is to explore the feminist perspective as a fundamental part of the Social and Solidarity Economy.

More news will be published soon. For a critical and combative education!

We are waiting for you…