Some reading suggestions for June 2018…

  • The dignity of nations. A new economic system for the thrid millenium
    2018 [lire]
  • Mapping of Intergovernmental Documentation on Social and Solidarity Economy (SSE)
    Knowledge Hub Resources
    2018 [lire]
  • Transforming our world: A cooperative 2030. Cooperative contributions to SDG 8.
    2018 [lire]


The Heretic’s Guide to Global Finance : Hacking the Future of Money
Brett Scott
2013 [lire]

With our partners

  • ‘A fairer share’ : strengthening workers’ voices through Fairtrade, the labour movement and socially engaged companies
    2018 [lire] (CDTM de Paris)


(audio) Worker cooperatives. Part 1: Widening Spheres of Democracy
2018 [lire]



Localizing the SDGs
2016 [lire]