Cover picture of Bastamag, November 29, 2019 “Vieillir autrement”

Independent media are close to the SSE, often by their status and especially by the values they defend. But how do they approach it? Here is a selection of independent media articles from the last three months. You can also find them on the map of Journalism of Solutions (the articles are located in the city where the experience is taking place or, in the case of a general article, in the city where the media is based).

As you will see, the articles are in their original language, due to the diversity of European countries. This will allow you to perceive which themes are covered by these media: sustainable development, refugees, self-management, cooperatives, organic agriculture, etc. Feel free to send us an article or a media site to improve the map and our knowledge of SSE. Write to Françoise Wautiez: fwautiez[at]


  • Pour « bien vieillir », des retraités conçoivent leur propre habitat coopératif et écologique – Sophie Chapelle , Article de BastaMag, 29 novembre 2019 [lire]
  • Quel bilan pour Territoires zéro chômeur de longue durée  ? – Article de ATD Quart Monde, 2019 [lire]
  • En Bosnie, une coopérative de femmes efface les traces de la guerre Louis Seiller – Article de Reporterre, 4 novembre 2019 [lire]


  • Cultura i cooperativisme, una aliança fèrtil, Carles Masià – Articulo de EL Critic, 22/12/2019 [lire]
  • El camí cap a la transformació social – Article de, 17/01/2020 [lire]


  • Resiliencia urbana, MARES y marejadas, José Luis Fernández Casadevante – Articulo de El, 25/11/2019 [lire]
  • Diez titulares sobre economía solidaria que no verás en la prensa económica, Lourdes Jiménez – Articulo de el salto diario, 22/11/2019 [lire]
  • La oportunidad transformadora de las Comunidades de Energía Alfonso García – Articulo del Salto Diario, 13/01/2020 [lire]


  • What are ‘the commons’ in the 21st century? Interview with Pat Conaty – Article of, 2019 [lire]
  • How millions of French shoppers are rejecting cut-price capitalism Jon Henley – Article of The Guardian, 04/12/2019 [lire]
  • Singapore’s co-operative movement – a thriving sector for over 90 years , Anca Voinea – Article of, 2 January2020 [lire]