Save the date: 17 to 20 September 2022 !


This year, the General Assembly of the network will take place in Wroclaw (Poland), hosted for the first time by our Polish members. As we enter our second decade, after two years of Covid crisis, the war in Ukraine and ever more evident climate change, and a political and economical environment which is rapidly changing, our triple objective of promoting social solidarity economy ecosystems throughout the continent and beyond, making SSE more visible and recognized – both institutionally and in public opinion – and contributing to the strengthening of a plural social movement of transformative economies has become even more challenging.

Moreover, after several years of trying to focus more on Central and Eastern Europe, we are finally meeting in the region and will dedicate time and effort to exchange with members and other networks and organisations and learn more about how SSE is developing and what are the forms of inter-cooperation that can be further promoted.

This is a very important annual Assembly: it is a crucial time to re-assess our fundamentals (and start a process for a renewed European charter or manifesto of Solidarity Economy), to reinforce our governance and networking (and introduce new people in the coordination), to re-orient our strategy and objectives for the next years, in light of the new European policies, the relations with allies and partners, as we consolidate the network now present in 22 countries.

The General Assembly is a community-building space, to exchange knowledge and experiences and to establish intersectional partnerships with other members of the RIPESS Europe community.   This is why we insist on doing it in person and hope as many of our members as possible are able to join.  Of course, the main sessions will be also accessible online.

On this page, you will find all the key information to participate in the General Assembly meeting.


Main information about the GA 2022


Who is the host ? FairTrade Poland !

Where will we work ? At the Ekocentrum in Wroclaw. 

For logistics matters (travel, accommodation, etc.), do not hesitate to contact: Marius (

For all other matters, please contact:


Preparation of the General Assembly

If you need to give a proxy vote to another member, please compile and send this form.

Please, read carefully the “CoCo renewal – Appeal for candidates” document.