In this issue dedicated to digital tools, we would like to introduce you to some of them, among many others, very useful and with which we will most likely work:

  • Maps

Presented in the SSE mappings page of

Pam a Pam

An open community of people trained in SSE, Pam a Pam interviews the initiatives it puts on the map to make them known. This process also facilitates the dissemination of initiatives and makes it possible to obtain a diagnosis of the different transformative practices in Catalonia.

+ the mapping of Ensie. This database brings together many (more than 1500) European Work Integration Social Enterpises on an online platform where you can sort your searches according to country, city or activity.

+ Economistas sin Fronteras, una plataforma virtual abierta de emprendimiento social y sostenible

  • Wiki

Remix the commons, an open and collaborative multimedia platform on the commons.

The wiki of ECOLISE, the European network for community-led initiatives on sustainability and climate change.

  • Documentation

GEN Living library: The Living Library connects people who seek advice or inspiration about ecovillage culture with ecovillagers to hear their stories, ask them questions and learn from them.