SSE aims to collectively build innovative, efficient responses to peoples’, societies’ and the environment’s essential needs. The organisations involved in this movement therefore concentrate on including their « social usefulness ». There are an increasing number of tools that enable organisations to evaluate their social usefulness. In the Midi-Pyrenées Regionn the Agency for the Promotion of Solidarity Economy has started using a tool for shared evaluation called EVALIMIP. It enables solidarity economy enterprises to commit to an on-going improvement process of their practice.

The EVALUMIP progress approach helps to raise awareness and trains actors on how to evaluate and on social usefulness It mobilises stakeholders and draws on collective intelligence in the co-evaluation process. A member of ADEPES participates and facilitates the building of a shared vsion of social usefulness. Thi shelps to underline the important points, and highlight the practice that requires improvement. Finally, this tool enables partners to perceive the enhanced social usefulness of the EVALUMIP logo ; this demonstrates the level of maturity that has been achieved in terms of social usefulness. Undertaking an approach of on-going progress enables organisations to identify and implement best practice as well as to showcase them thanks to the EVALUMIP logo, demonstrating their maturity in terms of social usefulness. It also strengthens their commitment to SSE, thereby helping the movement gain greater recognition. At European level, other tools are being created ? RIPESS hopes to organise exchange between its members on evaluation proactice and the approach to on-going progress. This collective work should contribute to defining a European tool of reference. For more information on EVALUMIP the test questionnaire is on-line at: For more information, please contact: