Local Futures proposes some lines of thought for approaching the concept of “Localization”:


A cultural turning towards Nature, towards community,
towards diversity – towards life.

An expression of our need for connection – both to others
and to all living beings.

A renewed respect for the feminine, the indigenous,
the embodied, the whole.

An embrace of the small, the slow,
the humble, the everyday.

So what does that mean in practice?

Shifting from dependence on global corporations towards
local and regional economies.

Building or supporting place-based
institutions or cultures.

Shortening the distances between
producer and consumer.


Hear how some of the headlining speakers at the Planet Local Summit expressed ‘localization’. Their words are clear, simple and profound and watch the livestream page of the Planet Local Summit, that took place at the Main Hall of St George’s Bristol in Sptember 2023. You can view the programme here.