UniverSSE 2017 is the 4th European Congress for Social Solidarity Economy that will take place in Athens from the 9th till the 11th of June. Cooperatives, grassroot initiatives, SSE organizations, groups and people that work to promote and advance SSE from all over Europe will meet for the event.


During the 3day Congress, we are going to have the  opportunity  to  discuss  and  exchange  ideas,  experiences,  expertise and common strategies around SSE. We consider SSE to be a dynamic space that spreads all over Europe, in which people organize their social and economic activity in many different ways. This event is a great opportunity to enhance SSE’s visibility in Greece and to build strong connections amongst people, groups and coops on a European level. We are also happy to announce that the 6th General Assembly of Ripess EU will be held in Athens as well, as part of the Congress.


Our motivation is to include in the Congress as many key players in the field of SSE as possible.    Spread around Europe there are many different groups linked to SSE that are working on a local or a national level. In order to build a stronger network in between these groups we want to create a space of cooperation. So this summer in Athens the UniverSSE2017 congress will take place. It will be the meeting point for people, collective ventures, SSE organizations and groups all around Europe, who work to promote and enhance SSE. Based on the 7 thematic spaces of the Congress, we will discuss and exchange experiences, ideas, expertise and conclusions around SSE and decide on the next steps to implement strong cooperation on a European level.

These are the reasons that we want to organize the UniverSSE 2017 congress. The participation of everybody is crucial in order to achieve the goals described above. We want initiatives from all countries to be able to participate and share their experiences,  especially groups from countries that face the bigger financial and social problems. Everybody has a place in the SSE universe, regardless of the financial conditions, lets not forget that Solidarity is a building block of this economy.


Our main goal is not to leave anyone behind. Through this campaign, we would like to cover the travel and accommodation expenses of members of SSE groups that will share with us valuable practical experiences by participating in the Congress. As those groups don’t have the means to cover those expenses neither the connection to other projects, the campaign will help them to join, cooperate and plan with us the future of UniverSSE. Furthermore, a smaller amount will be used to cover administration costs, such as printing material (posters and brochures) that will be used during the Congress and also the cost of production and printing of a booklet with the results of the Congress. This booklet will be distributed on a European level and it will be a useful reference guide that will help in spreading the information and inspiring more people to join the SSE universe.  Solidarity for us is not just a word, is an everyday practise in all the aspects of our lives.  So we invite you all to help us make this possible!